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Jared Leto is MORBIUS!

Now this is a piece of casting news I can get excited about. It’s the same kind of excitement I felt when I first heard that Leto would be playing the Joker. Sadly, because Warner Brothers didn’t know how to handle the character and everybody was trying to be a cook and there was no one cohesive vision, we never got to see what Leto could do with the role. Even so, the guy’s an incredible actor, with the Oscar to prove it. But just as Ryan Reynolds got past Green Lantern and went on to play Deadpool to resounding success, and Ben Affleck got past his milquetoast performance as Daredevil and went on to play a batshit-crazy version of Batman, Leto will, I have no doubts, prove to be the definitive Morbius, the Living Vampire.

But then this is Sony we’re talking about, so there’s no guarantee the movie itself will be any good. All we can do is hope. The new Venom flick looks good, so there’s that. If Sony will concentrate on these characters as standalone properties and not try to link them to Spider-Man or their own flawed “shared universe” then there’s a chance they’ll end up seaworthy. Step one is casting the right actor, and they’ve managed that one nicely.

TheCheezman • July 8, 2018

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