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Jason Gets Saucy

I had to have it. I already own a bottle of lake water from the original Camp Crystal Lake. When I learned that Gemini Crow was offering (un)official FRIDAY THE 13TH hot sauce, I just had to have a bottle. The bottles come regular-style as well as autographed by Ari Lehman, the actor who was the first to portray Jason Voorhees. It was Ari who lunged up out of the lake in the first film to attack the survivor girl in that iconic scene. It goes without saying that I will never open my bottle of hot sauce. (There are several varieties. I selected the “Blood of the Lake” brand.) Something even cooler about the whole thing? A portion of the proceeds from sales of these specialized bottles will be donated to charity!

They don’t have the copyright, technically, to the FRIDAY THE 13TH name. That’s why the sauce is called “First Jason” instead, and why the depiction of Jason on the label is slightly altered. But Lehman *was* the first Jason, and the Jason on the label still has his trademark hockey mask—it just looks a little less hockeyish—and ubiquitous machete. Just how hot is that hot sauce? Probably deadly. I mean, it would only be appropriate.

TheCheezman • May 6, 2020

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