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Jason Momoa is a Vampire Now

I’m glad they scrapped that proposed remake of THE CROW with Jason Momoa. The whole point of the Crow is that he’s just a normal dude until he’s murdered and returns from the dead to seek revenge. Brandon Lee may have been a Kung-Fu badass in real life, but he looked like a normal guy. Jason Momoa does not look like a normal guy. He looks like he could rip somebody’s arms off. He doesn’t need the Crow makeup to look intimidating. Besides, the original is such a classic. Best not to mess with it.

Momoa will be portraying a revenant, though, when he appears as a vampire in the forthcoming film GOOD, BAD, AND UNDEAD, teaming up with Peter Dinklage, who was his costar on some TV series called GAME OF THRONES. The movie is being described as a “vampire buddy film” that’s based off a story idea by the guys who wrote the underrated FREDDY VS. JASON. Dinklage will portray a vampire hunter who strikes a deal with Momoa’s character to run a scam wherein the slayer gets paid to “kill” the vampire over and over again. Sounds like fun. Momoa made for a fairly convincing werewolf in 2014’s WOLVES, so why not a vampire?

TheCheezman • June 26, 2020

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