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Jason-Os Cereal

No, Jason from the FRIDAY THE 13TH film series doesn’t drink blood. He isn’t a vampire. He IS a zombie, though. Or was in three of the films. (Parts six through eight, in case you didn’t know. Six and seven are two of my favorites, along with JASON X and the original one.) That’s close enough. Also, I have reported on the new Funko cereals, or “Funk-Os,” previously at this site. And the Jason-Os cereal is supposed to turn your milk blood red. (Put that in parenthesis. “Supposed to.” In all fairness, though, I was using cashew milk, so that may have had something to do with why my milk stayed donnish in color.) All this is appropriate material for a site dedicated to vampires.

Over at our sister site this week, I reported on eating the cereal. I actually opened the box (then carefully resealed it, naturally) and poured myself a bowl. I pronounced the cereal itself as only “adequate.” I can now amend my previous review, however. When one is having a blood sugar drop due to medication taken for diabetes at two o’clock in the morning, Jason-Os taste mighty good, even if consumed dry. (I was out of that aforementioned cashew milk.) I didn’t think to look in the mirror and see if it had turned my tongue bloody red, though. Probably did.

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TheCheezman • July 31, 2018

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