Jason Unmade

Unmade *thus far*, that is. I sure hope it gets made.

I’ve reported previously on the plan by Tom McLoughlin, writer and director of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART SIX: JASON LIVES, for a new installment in the franchise, as soon as the whole thing with the lawsuit is settled and they can get back to making Jason movies. I sure hope the studio takes him up on it, as part six was a lot of fun and his pitch for a new flick sounds rad.

From the linked article: “I’ve always loved the fact that these movies work better, to me, in period, rather than modern day. People love that whole look of the 80s and 90s. And I thought, ‘Okay. First thing, I wanna take back artistic license and place this thirteen years later after I put him down in the lake.’ [In part six.] Through this series of circumstances, once again he comes back. This makes it 1999. That was a paranoid year for a lot of people. We thought, in 2000, all the shit was going to hit the fan. Even though my story has nothing to do with that…The road gets snowed in, so [the protagonists] have to go to an alternate camp, which is in the area of Camp Crystal Lake. It isn’t the actual camp, but another one across the lake. They’re sitting there, completely oblivious that there’s any person named Jason, any of the history, unlike Jason Lives where people were savvy to it. And the stuff starts to hit the fan! These are all girls that are on this retreat because they’ve done a number of things that are going to cause them to not move up a grade. They have a very stern-ass nun with them. So we have all of these kickass girls, and putting them up against someone like Jason. Setting it in winter, on Thanksgiving night…” McLoughlin even had some concept art worked up for his pitch, and it’s gorgeous. Don’t you agree?

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