Jason’s Guilt Trip, Tara’s Rage, and Andy’s Intervention in the Next Episode of True Blood –Finally!

I dunno about you guys, but I have been waiting for someone to finally confront Andy about his V-addiction. You know, aside from Jason’s goofy ass. He had his own problems dealing with V, so it’s not like he’s in a position to be much help. And although he did kick the habit, well.. Jason just isn’t the sponsor type. The only steps he knows how to take involve the proper usage of a condom. And even that is relatively surprising considering what a doofus the guy is. Jason is a sweet guy, and part of this Jason rant is probably subconscious anger that he hasn’t helped Andy, but, my last negative comment about Jason is that it’s a miracle he hasn’t accidentally smothered himself with a plastic grocery bag. Aside from that, he’s still a sweetheart. I just don’t think it would be that big of a deal for him to like, nudge Andy along the path of sobriety. Looks like Terry might be stepping up instead though.

Then again, Jason is going through a lot of extra crap right now, because of Jessica and Hoyt. I was so disgusted by the prospect of a Jason-Jessica-Hoyt triangle… and now it’s here. I mean, the whole Crystal/Hotshot subplot was completely understated and now Jason is messing around with Jessica, which is just dumb. He’s supposed to be married to Crystal, and already be a werepanther. I am very much disturbed by this. Instead of doing what he’s supposed to be doing in Hotshot (which was already damaged by the shallow imagination of the show’s writers, far beyond repair) he’s whining about hurting Hoyt’s feelings. Good god almighty.

Tara and Holly are being slightly more proactive about their circumstances, however. Which is more than I can say for everyone else, and you guys know how much I hate Tara. And Holly is the ultimate irritating middle-aged yuppie Wiccan type. Puh-lease. Join a book club and stop trying to be trendy. And Holly is the most authentic witch around, aside from Antonia, who doesn’t actually count, since she’s a dead person. Marnie is pretty cool when she’s around too. Anyway, Tara and Holly have decided to join forces and search for a way past Antonia’s spell.

At least she’s finally putting her unreasonably shitty attitude to good use. The next episode looks pretty good, if you try to ignore the less interesting, and extremely asymmetrical subplots. I mean the whole Jason and Jessica thing. I’m actually glad Andy is getting told off by someone; I think Jessica could use a cold shower though.

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