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Jessica Chastain as Beverly in the IT sequel?

This could work. And since she reportedly wants the role, as opposed to merely wanting a paycheck, that bodes well. Also, she’s a heck of an actress. Does she look like a gown-up version of the character from September’s IT, as portrayed by young actress Sophia Lillis? Yeah, actually she does. In addition, Chastain starred in MAMA, the terrific debut film by Andy Muschietti, director of IT. Seems like a given.

While MAMA had Guillermo Del Toro’s fingerprints all over it, to the extent that I suspect he might have had more of a creative role in it than producers typically do, Muschietti still deserves credit for bringing in a high-quality Horror film. And Chastain has Horror Cred not just for the aforementioned MAMA but for Del Toro’s CRIMSON PEAK (another connection between Chastain, Del Toro, and Muschietti) and TAKE SHELTER, too. She even played Carolyn Stoddard in a failed DARK SHADOWS pilot back in 2005.

Arguably Beverly is the most crucial role in the IT series, in terms of the importance of casting the right actor. She is the hub of the Loser’s Club, and that withOUT factoring in the creepy middle school orgy scene that takes place in the book. Chastain would be a perfect candidate.

TheCheezman • November 21, 2017

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