Jessica, Nan, Hoyt, and Merlotte Find Themselves Under Fire in the Next Episode of True Blood!

Not literally ‘under fire’, like, being shot at (although Hoyt does come pretty close). They’re all just in very stressful situations in the next episode. But if they weren’t, then what fun would they be? It looks like several issues are coming to a head, while others are still building up like tropical storms off the coast of Mexico. What will happen?!

Jessica Unloads to Nan

Jessica has apparently been sitting for hours, telling Nan all about her horrible breakup with Hoyt. Poor Nan. She’s great, and doesn’t mind speaking her mind. If anyone could get through to Jessica and explain to her how selfish and pitiful she’s being, well… I doubt Nan could pull it off, what with the raging hormones and emotional distress magnified by like, ten thousand. But the vampire PR extraordinaire could definitely give it a fair shot. I’m really hoping Jessica gains some perspective at some point; she has done irreparable damage to Hoyt, and if he ever finds out that their breakup was because of Jason, or linked to Jason, she will have furthered that by dissolving a friendship that had lasted years.

Hoyt Gets a Visitor

…And speaking of Hoyt, he’s got some real problems to deal with now. The possessed version of Lafayette has just paraded into his house with a stolen baby, and a gun, and demanded that Hoyt vacate the premises. Tout suite, you might say, seeing as how Possessed Lafayette is Creole. Apparently the ghost of the victimized black woman from yester-year has lost her mind, and snatched Lafayette’s body, and Arlene and Terry’s baby. Everyone is going to have to come together to get the craziness to shake loose.

Marcus Pays a Visit to Merlotte’s

I still like Marcus, and as I’ve stated before, I’m beginning to more and more dislike Sam and his whole clan. They’re a bunch of totally dysfunctional weirdos. What I can’t help but wonder, is whether or not Marcus is actually talking to Sam, and if it is Sam, then did he kill Tommy? And just happens to be using Tommy’s body for some non-chalant detectorin’. Either way, there’s something very weird going on with Tommy and Sam, so stick around, and let us know what you think!

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