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Jesus’s *OTHER* Other Grave, In India

We do strive for fairness here at And since I devoted some time last week to the purported gravesite of Jesus in Japan (which you can visit and while there purchase some Dracula garlic-infused ice cream), it wouldn’t be nice for me not to also give a little love to his other burial place, the one in India. (It is customary to use a capital H when using the “him” pronoun to refer to Jesus, but since we’re not talking about the real one, protocol dictates the lowercase h.) It’s a safe bet *somebody* is buried in the mausoleum, and since it’s called the tomb of Yuz (or Youza) Asaf we are probably safe in assuming that the one interred there is Yuz Asaf. Some people, though, believe Yuz Asaf was a fake name used by Jesus of Nazareth after he survived his crucifixion and fled to India. As one does.

The tomb is located in the Rozabal shrine in Kashmir. It’s a little run-down, this shrine, but then Jesus was said to have been born in a stable and thus the humble burial site wouldn’t be inappropriate. It’s also located in an area that isn’t terribly safe for tourists to visit—but this doesn’t stop some of them from doing so. Which is, I expect, exactly what the people who invented the story about Jesus wanted. There’s no other reason for anyone to go there, they figured, and they needed some tourist dollars.

By the way, Yuz Asaf, who got a raw deal out of the whole thing, was a Muslim scholar who lived and died in the Middle Ages.

TheCheezman • January 31, 2020

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