Jimmi Simpson Joins Cast of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I know you’re probably sick about all the talk regarding Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; for one thing, it seems a little foolhardy to spend a lot of time building up any movie, let alone something as near and dear to our hearts as a vampire movie. Remember how anticipated Clash of the Titans was? *shudder* So updating you all the time, and making a big deal out of it, seems like a lot of occasions for knocking on wood, but seriously, for once, I have something important to add! Jimmi Simpson is joining the cast! Jimmi is no stranger to vampires; he starred side by side with Jordana Brewster (popular actress for a while before joining the legions of the undead, probably tempted by Denise Richards) in D.E.B.S., and was run down by Elizabeth Bathory’s carriage in Stay Alive.

According to Bloody Disgusting:

Jimmi Simpson (Zodiac, Stay Alive and Joe Lynch’s forthcoming Knights of Badassdom) has rounded out the cast of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, reports Variety. He will play Lincoln’s right hand man.

Simpson joins a cast that includes Ben Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie and Mary Elisabeth Winstead.”

Personally, I thought he was cutest in Stay Alive and D.E.B.S., –and now he’s going to be a supporting actor in a big time film, with a bunch of other unknowns! Chances are, what with this being a horror movie, and he being a supporting actor, poor Jimmi is probably destined for early film death. But at least he’ll be in it, which means, he might be in more horror soon. God I hope so. I hate to gush, but eeee! He’s so cute. And since I have neither read the book nor been privy to movie secrets, I can always hope that we’ll get to see Jimmi in vamp mode. Now there’s a wet dream! So, does anyone else have a big girly crush on Simpson? Or am I crazy? What do you guys think about the cast being so keen on new actors, and unknown people? Should  the movie have been trusted to more experienced hands? I’m not sure, but I would have felt safer…

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