Jo & Alaric: First Comes Love, Then Comes… ‘The Vampire Diaries’

“Jo and Alaric’s wedding day has arrived in The Vampire Diaries 6×21 “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Sunshine”!”

Weddings bells are ringing as it’s time for Alaric and Jo to take the leap and get hitched. We’ve seen working up to this point for a while and finally someone might be having something to be happy about, I’d be happy to if I finally had a break from all the drama in Mystic Falls…not to mention having someplace to eat other than the Mystic Grill which half the town seems to work at.

Hopefully this bodes well for Al and Jo and they find a happy resolution together and luckily this isn’t True Blood or half that wedding would’ve died in a very bloody massacre so they’re lucky. Then again, it isn’t Game of Thrones either, where weddings never go very well at all. Okay, seriously, let’s be happy for Jo and Alaric, –Alaric has been very unlucky in love. His first woman, Isobel, ran off to be a vampire one night, and then came back later causing all kinds of trouble. I suspect this marriage will …. well, I hope anyway, that this marriage… will go a lot better, and last a lot longer.

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