Joe Mangianello, Renesmee’s Actress, VD Fan Party, in this Week’s Vampire Bites

The actor portraying Alcide Herveaux on True Blood, is getting married, finally, to his fiancee Audra Marie, an actress and model. On top of that great news, he’s also planning to invite the entire cast of True Blood to his wedding. I wonder what their favors will be; I’m  guessing, little Sookie dolls, or maybe, True Blood 4-packs, and for dinner, steak tartar.

Also on the menu, is the final choice for the actress to portray Renesmee Cullen; Bella and Edward’s child in the next of the Twilight Saga films. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is going to be filmed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, although, it’s a fairly odd choice of locations, considering Forks is supposed to be such a grey, blah weather area. Louisiana is humid maybe, but more tropical than the Northwestern U.S..

In the Vampire Diaries section of our more gourmet selections, are the latest tidbits of news: they’re having a big fan party for all the loyal, and truly dedicated fanatics. The party is in Atlanta, in March, and there’ll be a screening of the episode to play that night, plus prizes and more,  ooo! You have to go! I might, and I don’t live anywhere near Atlanta anymore! Be sure to thank FanBolt for letting us in on the party details!

The Orlando Sentinel is buzzing about the new line-up for CW’s shows, which includes finally, the re-appearance of the Vampire Diairies, as of this Thursday! Thankfully, CW hasn’t changed the schedule for the Vampire Diaries, although some of your other favorite shows may have been moved around. There also more teasers about the arrival of Klaus in Mystic Falls, although, I’m not sure yet who’s playing him. But I hope he’s hot. And not like, 12 years old looking or something. Gross. I only thought of that because (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) last night, I finally saw The Thirst (Lost Boys 3) and the alpha vampire turned out to be like, a 14 year old. Who makes out with an old English chick. Barf.

And there’s also a self-proclaimed vampire getting ready to start his campaign for president… yes, President of the United States. He plans to torture more perverse, disgusting criminals, and proclaims that he refuses to be intimidated by terrorists. I wonder if as guy like that could really work out for this country? If it’s a choice between a vampire and Sarah Palin… I think I’ll go with the guy who drinks the blood of his girlfriends, not the woman who eats babies.

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