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Johnny the Skull Takes Aim at Vampires

That’s vampire BATS, to be specific. And to be even more specific, it is a reference to ELECTRONIC PROJECTIONS of vampire bats. There’s this game, “The Visions of Johnny the Skull 3D Game” from Fotorama, where you put on special 3D glasses, turn on the game and then shoot little electronic ghosts and vampire bats as they swirl around your room. It’s essentially a souped-up version of the Nintendo classic “Duck Hunt,” but it’s cute, a fun diversion.

I chronicled my struggles acquiring my own game here. I’d meant to get it at Toys R Us during their going-out-of-business sale, but missed it due to employee negligence. I promised to go to eBay instead—and that’s just what I did. I now have my own Johnny the Skull. I call him Charley.

For our readers who aren’t interested when we talk about toys, this week will see my last postings relating to Toys R Us. This past weekend I made my last visit to the store. They are now down to their final five days of business, and the shelves were nigh-empty. I will consider Johnny the Skull an unofficial Toys R Us purchase, as I managed to get it for close to the same price I would have paid for it in the store. Charley is totally a Toys R Us purchase in spirit.

TheCheezman • July 1, 2018

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