Julie Plec Challenges You to Guess How Elena Goes Out of ‘Vampire Diaries’

After six seasons, The Vampire Diaries will say goodbye to Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert, whose love triangle with the fanged Salvatore brothers has…

Now, in theory, someone has to guess this: how will Elena be taken off The Vampire Diaries? We know what she’s leaving, we just don’t know how exactly. She could die, she could leave town, turn human and just take off to live with Jeremy, or she could do any number of other things. She might even be absorbed into another body, like what’s her name, in “The Host” –and like, have to share with Bonnie or Caroline. Klaus has done it with Alaric, there’s no sense in totally excluding that possibility.

The big boss behind the series, Julie Plec issued this challenge while talking about all the guesses on Twitter: “If by some miracle someone in this section is actually right,” says Plec, “I will personally take them to lunch—or a Skype cocktail hour—to talk about being a writer because clearly they should be one.” Technically, it is a challenge, but how do we know that she’ll actually approach whomever’s right…? I mean, she could just never say anything, and then there’ll just be someone or a few people out there who don’t have the ability to hold her to it. Any guesses?

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hmm maybe Elena is in an alternate place ,,, when the other side collapsed maybe she died and this whole season she didnt realize that she is really alone , while then we see her friends moving on because it has already been a year and damon does not even know she is alive… untill next season for the ending they will find her and bring her back for the last episode.

I think the real illusion is that the show could continue without Elena.

Although Damon was the character who kept me watching, the character I always enjoyed most, Elena is the glue that binds them all together.

This element has been obscured over time, but its never disappeared from the underlying basis of the show.

Remove her, the story is finished … or it should be.

It would be a mistake on the part of producers to drag things beyond Elena’s exit from the show. Its probably been a mistake to drag it as long as it has gone thus far.

Things have been devolving for quite some time now.


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