Julie Plec Warns Of The Saddest and Happiest Vampire Diaries Moments Yet To Come

Julie Plec Tweets “just watched a scene from TVD that may go down as one of the happiest/saddest most wonderful moments of the year…

As I am prone to do when Julie Plec releases little tidbits of information, I’m speculating what she might be referring to on the show to share it with you. Could it be the return of Damon to the side of the living and Elena being too far gone to have any feelings left, including the great love she had for Damon.  I mean could you imagine,  the gang returns him to our side of the veil but by then she has just shut down and no longer cares, how devastating that would be for Damon after his desperate struggle to return to her… What do you think the big moment might be on TVD season 6?

source: moviepilot.com

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