Kali; Vampire Goddess


The Hindu myths contain a lot of stories of vampire like demons. The bloodthirsty goddess Kali is, essentially, a vampire. She’s similar to the also bloodthirsty Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet.
Kali is most often depicted with four arms, wielding weapons and severed limbs, and with black skin. She wears a necklace constructed of human skulls. A skirt of human limbs from those she has destroyed, hangs around her waist. Her long black tongue hangs out of her mouth, dripping with blood. She’s usually carrying a severed head in one of her four hands in icons of the goddess.
Some myths of Hinduism say that the goddess was born out of another goddess; Durga. Kali was said to have sprung out of Durga’s forehead in a moment of crisis, to help Durga defeat the demons of this world. Some Hindus believe that Kali has existed from the beginning of time.
Kali’s thirst for blood originated in her killing of the great demon Raktabija. Raktabija had a magical ability; every drop of blood that fell from his body was able to create thousands more demons like him. Kali destroyed him by piercing him and drinking all of his blood as it gushed out.
There are stories of Kali dancing a bloodthirsty dance of destruction, much like Shiva in his Nataraja avatar. So deadly and destructive, Kali nearly destroyed the whole cosmos in her thirst for blood and devastation, before the god Shiva was able to stop her.
This vampire goddess is still worshipped in temples today, by millions of Hindus around the world. She is also recognized by some Indian Muslims, and has been incorporated into various Obeah traditions of the Caribbean. Her devotees regard her as a loving mother goddess, who can destroy death itself. The goddess would traditionally be honored with a blood sacrifice. Animals are still sacrificed in her honor, especially in Calcutta, the city named after the goddess, “Kali Ghat.”

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  3. your research is very interesting, and it would be awesome if you had more on your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -xoxox your mother,

  4. This is awesome! On the TV show 'Sanctuary' they have this whole story arc about Kali except they made her a giant magnetic vampiric spider who can telepathically communicate with people. It's cool to find out about the original legend that inspired that ^_^

  5. you bloody Caucasians Goddess kali is not a vampire, She is destroyer of evil agents, she drinks only evils blood. you are a plump fiction writer. You will pay for this.

    1. well folks, this person knows more about his own religion than we do. I trust this personal information from him more effectively because he would know obviously, but still the information one the page is also if not almost accurate, “A Hindu”, they were somewhat correct still :), but thanks for clearing that up. The whole “Vampire” thing was mostly an example of what the Goddess would be similar too for a simpler understanding.

      1. Well he’s right, Kali is not a vampire, but a Destroyer of evil and she’s not born from Durga, but an aspect of Durga, they are the same being

  6. Stupid fool…Kali is not a vampire, far from it…she has a fierce aspect so that she can conquer evil demons…how can a benevolent & peaceloving god do that? She drank blood because that was the only way to stop the demon raktabhija’s blood from spilling on the ground & regenerating…but she never demanded blood sacrifice from humans…animals which are killed in her name are eaten by humans only…so why do you blame the goddess for that? In every part of the world selfish humans use name of god & religion to further their nefarious designs…

    1. I think you are right i have also read she is synonymous with veritas or tera the holy spirit of truth and the well spring of life giving birth to the first man i dont know though i think you are right western culture tends to deamonize everything we dont understand if she is depicted as a blood drinker at all its easy to see how western culture will turn her into a vampire i like how japan ohnors her in shinto fasion as a patron godess of creation and the femanine personification of god….i could be misinterperetating that too though?

  7. Sorry, but this article is flawed

    First Kali is not born from Durga, she is Durga, an aspect of Durga, who herself is an aspect of the goddess Parvati.

    Second, Kali is not a vampire, she is a destroyer of evil, namely she is a demon killer (and very good at that).

    However when the bloodlust is upon her she goes a bit over the top and risks destroying the world, and only her Husband Shiva is able to calm her.

  8. “She is also recognized by some Indian Muslims”.

    That’s total ignorance. Indian Muslims do not recognize the Hindu gods and goddesses. Indian Muslims might out of fear or respect of majority Hindus, revere those Hindu gods and goddesses, but it must not be taken as though they recognize this goddess or others, from their religious point of view. Idol worshiping is strictly forbidden in Islam.

  9. I’m only writing this to attempt to bring some peace and enlightenment to the conversation hoping to shine some light on the darkness of a misunderstanding. For full disclosure I am a buddhist of european descent and also practice northren shamanism. I have studied many mythologies as well as psychology.

    While some hindu people on here have been offended at calling Kali a vampire it is not inaccurate. The author only wishes to point out similarities between indian mythology and european mythology. If you are offended it may be because you lack understanding of the vampire mythology therefore maybe you can not see it’s similarity

    The west has demonized vampires due to the influence of a new religion taking over the pagan past and anything that used to be pagan became demonized. The author has not in any way demonized Kali but took care to point out she is well loved and seen as a mother. Understand this site is also written by people who love vampires and do not automatically see vampires as villains Again if you can not see how cool and awesome and well loved vampires actually are you do not understand the vampire or why someone with this background calling Kali a vampire could actually be a compliment saying she is cool and awesome Are you STILL offended?

    I do agree that there are no indian muslims. Islam strongly abhors anything that is not Islam. But cultures do often get blended together by people living in close quarters and I have heard of lots of cases where hindus and mulslims practice together because they live in areas heavily populated by both cultures. So again that is probably what the author meant

    It is a shame peope have lost the ability to look at how characters mythologies and archetypes function If you enjoy logic I strongly suggest exercising that skill

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