Kat Graham Reveals the Future of Vampire Diaries!

Not the -whole- future, just a few little spoilers about what might be happening in the rest of the season. And we need the intel for sure; the fact that those executive jerks think we can handle all these god forsaken interruptions. On a more serious note though, I think that their plan to keep people interested in the Vampire Diaries by constantly interrupting its appearance for months at a time, is going to backfire. If anyone on the cast or crew is reading: you’ve been warned. A month is plenty of time to get interested in another show, and at some point, a competing network is going to pick up on that. I know I speak for the rest of the VD fans when I say, flat out: “We’re getting tired of this bullshit.” Anyway! On to a more cheerful subject: Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie Bennett on the show, giving us insight into the next few episodes of the show. Chances are, we’ll have to wait another month for the last three episodes or so, but oh well.

Of all people, Perez Hilton got the scoop from Graham about what’s going on in the next few episodes:

Among those misfits is Kat’s new love interest on the show Jeremy, played by the seksi Steven R. McQueen. When we last left Bonnie and Jeremy, things were getting pretty serious and according to Kat, things will continue in that fashion. She explains:

“You’ll be able to see a lot of heartbreak between them both. Those characters are both character really go through it before the end of the season.”

“Hopefully, a fatal exit won’t factor into their heartbreak! Jeremy has already died once and we just can’t imagine the show without Bonnie! Then again, this is Mystic Falls and no one seems to be safe.

So what can we expect from Bonnie in the final episode of season two? Kat reveals she’s really going to “put a lot on the line” to protect Elena, adding:

“I can’t say too much, but I will say that if it ever comes today to having to do something for Elena, Bonnie will go balls out for her. She doesn’t care. Klaus [Joseph Morgan] coming into the show is going to create chaos. People are going to have to figure out what these characters have to do to save their lives.””

Oooh, sounds like, to me, at some point, Bonnie is going to have to make a hard choice about protecting Elena, at her own peril. We all know what too much magic does to Bonnie, and hopefully, she won’t push herself with more magic than she can handle. In the meantime, we still have yet to meet Klaus, and his effect on the company of close friends will most likely be devastating, –there were even rumors that Stefan and Damon will have a falling out in the next few episodes, which will put Elena into a very rough spot. Elena’s already going to be dealing with a lot, what with her vampire mom being in town, Aunt Jenna ‘s fallout with Alaric, –ironically, that being over Isobel, plus, John Gilbert’s meddling, and Katherine being out of the tomb and tormenting Elena by constantly trying to get into Stefan’s pants. In short, things are coming to a serious climactic event. Who do you think will live through it? Do you think anyone won’t? I have some serious doubts about Caroline, Matt, and Jeremy, surviving the season finale.

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  2. I don’t want anyone to die but I gues someone will … There are a bit to much characters to keep track off maybe Jenna would die ? with not knowing about anything of the vampire stuff, it could get dangerous

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  4. maybe Elena will die or turn into a vampire like in the books ! ^_^ or maybe Elna will fall 4 Damon like everyone says at my school will happen. i just KNOW something big is gonna happen

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