Kevin Pollak Gets ‘Vamped Out’

Hollywood actor Kevin Pollak shall be making his directorial debut this month in a new horror/comedy web series that will run for six episodes on Babelgum.Com. Beginning April 12th, Vamped Out follows the life of documentary film maker Elliot Finke (played by Pollak) as he documents the life of what he believes is an actual vampire. Things get even stranger when during post production, Finke goes missing.

The subject of Finke’s documentary is Alowisus Hewson (played by Jason Antoon), a 35 year old struggling actor who claims that he is actually a 172 year old vampire. He also happens to claim quite a few other things… such as spoon feeding an entire vampire mythology to Bram Stoker, the man who wrote the quintessential vampire novel Dracula. In fact according to Alowisus he is the reason vampires can live among humans without fear of being discovered since sunlight, holy water, garlic or crosses don’t really have any effect on them.

Along with Alowisus we are introduced to his 33 year old girlfriend Marie who conveniently works at a blood bank (which is good since Alowisus claims vampires don’t kill humans or animals for blood) and his 27 year old manager Billy Goldborg who lives and works out of Alowisus’ guest house.

Vamped Out also stars Samm Levinen, Sena Kofoed and Sebastian Roche and can be seen weekly on Babelgum.Com. Be sure to check out Vamped Out starting April 12th and follow the life of a modern vampire in his search for immortality, Hollywood style.

Watch the trailer to Vamped Out, Here.

Update: Kevin Pollak talks Vamped Out!


By Cult Hero

is a vampire junkie whose obsession has gone so far as to cause the writing of Chris's first novel the as yet unpublished Servants of the Night. Aside from writing for Vampires.Com and Werewolves.Com Chris also showcases personal works of poetry, prose and photography on the website and can be found lurking around Twitter at!/CultHero.


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