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Kidney by Drone

I’ve thought about buying a drone. The smaller ones aren’t that expensive. But I’d be afraid that something would happen to it. It’s like with kites. I won’t buy any but a cheap kite nowadays. I had some elaborate ones as a kid that more often than not ended up lost to kite-eating trees. With cheapo ones I don’t care if they eventually end up shredded in the top branches of some nefarious elm.

Apparently drones are pretty safe. Safe enough that Amazon is reportedly considering using them to deliver packages. They wouldn’t do that if the odds of those packages arriving safely were in doubt, since Amazon would be on the hook for replacing them. And some truly precious cargo—a human kidney intended for an organ transplant—was recently transported by drone. This latter is worthy of a mention here because you just know it won’t be long until drones are delivering blood, too, if they’re being used for medical emergencies. It says a great deal about me, I suspect, that while reading this news story the first thing that popped into my head was an image of a drone being assailed by a large bat, intent on pirating the drone’s cargo of fresh blood. It would be like takeout for a vampire!

TheCheezman • November 11, 2019

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