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Kill in MySpace Vampire Games With or Without Cheat Codes

Whether you’ve been online as part of a clan for decades now, or have just jumped onto the vampire gaming craze, you’ll want to take full advantage of the many ways you can take advantage of both strategy tips and cheat codes for MySpace vampire games.

The first thing many players want to do when playing MySpace vampire games is to expand their minions. This doesn’t require a cheat code but can be done easily by you without waiting to buy them. Send out invites to everyone you know, even on other social networking sites such as Facebook. Find vampire forums and send out invites that way too. Just be sure that they allow you to leave links, or the only thing you’ll accomplish is getting banned.

For things that you find you need really quickly, or that you find you’re having a hard time conquering yourself, such as getting your energy levels back up, find a cheat code. There are tons of them online and many of them are free. There’s a cheat code for just about every aspect of the game and they can be a great way to get you through a tough spot. Of course, you can always find some nice humans to feast on or involve another vampire in a duel to boost your levels too!

Another little trick to increasing your levels is to gather favor points from the Elders. Elders give out favor points when vampires win a place in their heart by doing things like taking surveys. Earn enough favor points and you can boost your blood levels simply by buying more! Now that’s life like a vampire!

There are tons of little tips and tricks for any and all MySpace vampire games. But at the end of the day, the best way to find the best tricks is usually just to find them yourself. Not bad, considering that to do that, you just have to play some pretty cool games for a little while!

– Kate

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kate • February 20, 2010

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