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Killer Coffees and Chips

True confession: I don’t like coffee. Never have. Don’t like it hot, don’t like it cold, don’t like it dressed up, don’t like it with green eggs and ham. I do, however, love a good gimmick, and these companies have that. First up is the Coffee Shop of Horrors. (Love the name and the logo!) They have such offerings as Zombie Dirt, Burial Grounds (clever), Graveyard Shift, Reanimator, Black Dog (nice hellhound), and Judge Mint Day (also clever). I’m considering buying a bag or two as collectors’ items.

Then there is the Bones Coffee Company. My favorite of their offerings is Frankenbones, but they also offer Macamaniac and Jacked-o-Lantern (pumpkin-flavored, naturally).

Also I was in the grocery store the other day and chanced upon the new Zapp’s Voodoo potato chips. Yes, I bought a bag. No, I didn’t open it. Couldn’t tell you how they taste. I guess if I’d really wanted to know I could have bought a second bag, but this one will sit alongside my special Halloween Zombie-flavored Skittles on the bookshelf.

I don’t buy up everything Halloween-related, as there’s just too much of it. But anything else Horror-related, not specific to Halloween, if it’s not too expensive, yeah, I’m probably gonna grab it. Since I’m writing about it, thus it’s work-related, I could save the receipts and write them off on my taxes. Not that I ever remember to do that.

TheCheezman • October 6, 2019

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