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KISS Plays for Sharks

Most everybody today is familiar with the phrase “jump the shark,” but not everyone out there knows where that comes from. There was an episode of the hit TV series HAPPY DAYS wherein the lead character, the Fonz, literally jumped over a shark while waterskiing. That’s the point where the show started to lose its steam, fans say, where it started to diminish in quality. Thus to “jump the shark” means to go beyond one’s freshness date, to go into a creative decline.

KISS has most definitely *not* jumped the shark, considering they are still selling out entire arenas and putting on a stage show that is second to none. (I caught them in concert a few months back and I can assure you, they haven’t lost a step.) They will, however, be playing for sharks. They will be performing a set from the deck of a boat, while a select few lucky fans will be listening from a “viewing submarine.” And the riffs will be blasted from speakers throughout shark-infested waters. Why not! This isn’t like when the Navy does underwater detonations that deafen whales and other aquatic life. KISS fans do indeed “love it loud,” but the music won’t be *that* loud. And sharks are attracted to sound waves, so they should be entertained as well. (And the blood KISS frontman Gene Simmons, aka the Demon, spits isn’t *real* blood, so there’s no danger of sending the sharks into a frenzy, even if they liked the taste of human blood. Which, scientific tests have proven, they don’t.)

TheCheezman • October 11, 2019

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