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Know Your Shadows

It ain’t cool to confuse your Shadow People, dudes. They may all look alike—better to say they all share certain physical similarities in terms of appearance—and they may all be manifestations of a singular entity or entities. In fact one and every sort of supernatural entity or intelligence might be different manifestations of one singular thing, a thing capable of appearing in numerous forms. Or there might be as many varieties of supernatural entities as there are of human beings, coming in all shapes and sizes.

Ranker has helpfully volunteered to list the various types of Shadow People, though. For your benefit I will navigate all the pop-ups and clickbait and relist them here. You can read more about them on the original site if you so choose.

The classes of Shadow People are, in no particular order: (1) the Hat Man, who Ranker claims is only there to observe (this blatantly contradicts some reports I have read of Shadowy hat-wearing entities, including the Men In Black); (2) the personifications of Sleep Paralysis (psychic vampires?); (3) Red-eyed Shadow People that feed on human fear; (4) the hoodie-wearing Shadow Person, who radiates hatred; (5) the Watcher (this one would seem to be the Hat Man without his hat on, as it does the same thing; it watches; (6) forms made of black smoke or mist, which also, um, watch you and not much else; (7) Shadow People who disappear as soon as you look at them; prior to them disappearing, they, um, watch you; (8) Shadow animals, typically cats; or possibly you just saw, y’know, the neighbor’s black cat; (8) friendly Shadow People, who—can you guess?—just want to watch you; (9) Shadow People of the forest; and, last but not least, (10) random Shadow People, who don’t seem to notice humans at all. (That’s a switch.)

What an unadulterated crock. One should never look to a site like ranker for legitimate research, but this is piss-poor work even for them.

TheCheezman • March 25, 2019

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