Kristen Stewart Talks About Eclipse

I really thought we’d be waiting until at least the end of March to start hearing about mega Eclipse promotion, but Kristen Stewart has kicked things off with this audio interview. In the interview, she talks about Bella, and of course, the love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob that becomes incredibly confusing (and incredibly sad, if you’re rooting for Team Jacob.)

Love her or hate her, I think that Kristen really does seem to have a great grip of what her character’s all about. I guess you would hope so after filming three movies, and hopefully reading the books. She talks about how honest Bella is and about how that honesty came to be very hard to deal with when Bella lied to herself about how in love with Jacob she really was. I have to say, reading that part, I was screaming “NO! NO!”, just like Bella seemed to be as well.

She also talks about the scene where Bella, Jacob, and Edward are waiting for the evil vampires to come to the field, and they’re in a tent all together. I personally think that was one of the best parts of the whole book, except maybe for the fact that it seemed to go on and on and on. But Edward swallowing his own pride when Bella curled into Jacob for warmth on that freezing cold night? It just once again, reinforces how much he loves her and how much he’ll suffer just for her to be okay.

But besides the interview, what else caught my eye when it comes to Eclipse is this new poster. Is this the new official movie poster? A teaser poster came out a little while ago but I have to say, I’m kind of digging this one a little more. It just looks a little crisper and cleaner. And I love that they’ve incorporated the ribbon from the book cover! And Bella, of course, is never bad either!


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  2. I gotta tell ya, being a die hard Anne Rice fan, I found the whole Twilight Phenom hard to swallow. However, my curiosity got the best of me and I read the books, then wayched the movies. I am actually looking forward to the next release. Besides, you had me at Edward, Bella and Jacob in a tent… :)

    1. Hi Vampire,
      That’s so funny. Before Twilight, I found Anne Rice hard to swallow. To be fair, I had only read her years and years ago, when I wasn’t even into the whole vampire thing yet. Now that Twilight has gotten me hooked, I’m looking forward to giving Rice another try. Thanks for the comment and I’ll keep ya posted on which Anne Rice book I read, and what I think of it! And *sigh* so torn between Team Edward and Team Jacob.

  3. I am old enough to know all the classic vampire movies, but was intoduced to the Twilight series by my teen daughter and her friends. I went to the movies with them and loved it…then I read the books, I’ve never been a big reader, but I have never read a book so fast – I was compelled to keep reading – I became obsested with the series (my daughter laughs). I never felt the emotions like this in reading a book, maybe it’s my age/experience, but I never cried so hard reading a book. The love shared amongst Bella & Edward is so very strong and beautiful – even the love Jacob has for Bella and she has for him is very special. The respect both men have for her is incredible (and w/out sex)!! The Twilight series…the story of Bella & Edward is the most romantic story EVER!!

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