Kristy Swanson: Too Hot For the Attic

51AKB6AFXML._SL500I love to go back in time, –to the 80’s, when clothes were wild, hair was huge, jewelry was plastic and abundant, and V.C. Andrews was considered popular enough to inspire a movie starring Kristy Swanson, –you might remember her from an equally low budget, made for television movie called “Mr. Boogedy.” In Flowers in the Attic, –the PG 13, 1987 TV movie starred Kristy Swanson as Catherine, locked away in the attic with her older brother, and her twin brother and sister. What the film leaves out of course, is the incest, the tar in Catherine’s hair, the creepy Freudian relationship with Cathy’s brother, Christopher, and her mother, and well, you know, three quarters of the book itself. But it’s still an 80’s classic that most of us female romantics love. If you’re a V.C. Andrews fan, you’ve probably seen it about a hundred times.

buffy_the_vampire_slayer_movie_xl_01--film-BIf you’re a Kristy Swanson fan, then you know all about her various escapades in the cinema, –and you’ve probably seen a few of those hot pictures of her that show off her amazing rack! I know I have. But before you start Googl’ing and adding to your spank bank, –check this out, –Kristy Swanson starred as the original Buffy, in 1992, in the movie Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. A few years later, some guys got together and nailed the usurper Sarah Michelle Gellar for the role. I think it was probably because Kristy was getting older, and they needed someone who looked like a post-pubescent high school girl for the part; as if Kristy Swanson could ever be considered “barely developed.” So while Buffy was never a vampire babe, she was certainly a very bouncy, buxom, vampire slaying babe, –and Sarah will just have to face the fact that she is merely the runner-up.  So, like, do you have any gum?

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