Lady Gaga likes to Dance in the Dark

In her music, Lady Gaga sings about dancing in the dark; and along with that comes showing her your teeth, vampire grins and girls named “Baby” who are “vamps.” Call me crazy but I think Lady Gaga might be a vampire! Either that’s the case or she’s just recording a new kind of Goth music.

Personally, I feel it’s a little bit of both. Gaga embraces her freak nature and is certainly not afraid to let her flag fly! With this performer being on the scene for a few years now, I think her music has evolved; you had “Just Dance,” and that was quite bubbly and catchy – her messages and overall themes are getting darker and I say “bring it!”

Vampires of all ages can enjoy this mistress of the monster ball’s music; take for instance the songs “Dance in the Dark,” and “Teeth.” “Dance in the Dark” to me deals with a lonely girl who is misunderstood by her lover; no matter what, she embraces darkness and takes on life with a vengeance. That’s my kind of chick! And aren’t most vampires and those who are part of the Goth community misunderstood in one way or another? Let this song be your life anthem!

The song “Teeth” has to do with ass-kicking and not allowing yourself to take anyone’s s**t; mix in some sex and you’ve got a quintessential Lady Gaga song! In this song, she also asks to be bitten and begs for her loyal subjects to bare their fangs. If her lyrics aren’t sure-fire proof that Gaga loves the vampires of the world, I’m not sure what else will suffice.

Do you think Lady Gaga is a vampire?

– Bryce


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  3. omg she’s totally a vamp – like, her style is very avant garde and she’s just amazing overall! she’s dark and i like the way her sound’s going, ya know? new goth music all the way … a little something out there 4 all of us!!

  4. I think Lady Gaga just like to revolutionize not only her music, but the music industry in general. She likes to revamp her style everyday and it gets more and more intense every time you see her. As far as her being a vampire, it isn’t far from impossible. She always seems to have a strong, bold personality, but yet also has a mystery to her.

  5. I think Lady Gaga is a visionary and can appeal to any group of people. Her ambiguous styling makes her a public figure that any person can find something to relate to. Also her music is driven, and has a purpose. She gives 110% with every performance, and has an incredible voice. I think that she has such star power that she’ll be around for a long time.

    Great article! I love all things Lady Gaga!

  6. I definitely agree with this article. Her music has evolved a lot, but I think for the better (even though I’m a fan of her older stuff =]) I love how she’s bold and daring and not afraid to be herself and let it show in her music.

  7. I agree totally with this article.Lady Gaga is a lady vamp for sure! I concur with David that she is the female version of Lestat. Great article!

  8. I start reading gossips everywhere, that very little in Drag queen Gaga is original and that she is really a copycat :-( I even now really like Lady Gaga coZ she roCks!!

  9. I simply love lady Gaga…she’s not only very talented and very fashionable, she has a BIG heart too… she never forgets to help other people who are in great need like the victims in Haiti…

  10. What utter crap, what next…the pussycat dolls. Havew you ever though that as a clever plagarist, she is only reaping the benefits of the current Vampire fad, it would have been Gay cowboys a few years back. You people are so easily conned, with a hollywood created image of the Vampire and a headful of bullshit, you are deluding yourselves.
    “Oh to be the beauty of the night, lost in all eternity, entwined with my dark lord”…..utter crap, this bears no resemblance to what life as a reanimated corpse woulod be like, bear in mind the body is merely a host for the infection, devoid of any emotion or semi human responses so I’m guessing that it would be pretty fucking awful.
    Hollywood and Anne Rice has a lot to answer for, The Vampire has been reduced to a chistian morality tale by Twilight and to a three circus act by Gaga !

  11. The trouble is with hving fangs is that if you suddenly bite your tongue, then it really HURTS! “Real vampires” at least have retractable fangs(like snakes)!

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