Latino/Spanglish Vampire Movie: Vampiro 2009

This is probably the single most amazing, -and hilarious, movie, I’ve seen all year. You rarely see Latino vampires, and no, of course I didn’t forget From Dusk til Dawn, but this is different. This is a Latino b-vampire-movie. ‘Vampiro’ is Senor Casanova, half-vampire, half-human; so basically, he’s the Latino answer to the ‘Blade’ franchise. He travels with a child vampire named Alma, whom he saved from leprosy, by feeding from her, during a week moment. Alma turns into a vampire, and they travel together, either running away from or hunting Casanova’s father, while hunting or just defending themselves from other ‘vampiros’. It’s hard to tell, –the movie is in Spanglish.

The other vampiros hate Casanova, because he is stronger, and because he can create vampiros that can walk in daylight, like Alma. Alma is a bit like Claudia in Interview with the Vampire; she however, has no reflection, and seems to be in love with Casanova. So, everything is all broody and great for Alma and Casanova, until Casanova meets Blanca, a white chick who wants to be a Latina, and ends up getting involved in a Latina gang for protection. To get into the gang, she becomes the personal property of its lesbian leader, Sexicana.

Sexicana is kind of bitchy and controlling, but still hot. Anyway, cops plan to rape and kill the two girls, but Casanova arrives and saves Blanca, but Sexicana is left for dead. Half of what Blanca says is Spanish, so there’s a lot of guesswork on the plot from here on out. Either way, it’s one of the most entertaining vampire movies I’ve seen all year long. And the actors, aside from Blanca, are pretty good. It’s currently available in the ‘Watch Instantly’ section of Netflix, so there’s no need to wait two days for movies via snail mail.

By annimi

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