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Lay Off The Joker!

THE GUARDIAN is not a trustworthy news site. They have at times in the past proven that they are not a news site at all, rather a propaganda rag. They are for the PC jerks what Faux News is for the Alt-Right. Why, then, would I bother to give them the time of day? Only to publicly rebuke and refute what they’re shilling.

They found two psychiatrists—two—willing to go on record denouncing JOKER as “dangerously misinformed” and that it “perpetuates damaging stereotypes.” That’s pure excrement of the equine variety. I could, if I tried, dig up two psychiatrists who subscribe to the Flat Earth theory. Not kidding. Two means absolutely nothing. And one does have to wonder if these two doctors were paid for their on-the-record-going, doesn’t one? And just how much of a payoff they received if they were? No, I don’t know that they were compensated for their article. But it does make me question it.

Of course not every person suffering from mental illness becomes violent. The movie isn’t suggesting any such thing. Nor is JOKER meant to be a college lecture on mental illness. But as a person who has suffered his entire life from mental illness, I can attest personally—and someone on the inside would know better than anyone on the outside, I expect—that the depiction shown in JOKER is spot-on. Meant to apply to every patient? No way. But in reference to just one, the Joker? It explains perfectly how such a human monster could come into existence. I wonder how these two physicians and THE GUARDIAN would explain away some of the real-world monsters we’ve had to deal with throughout history?

TheCheezman • October 29, 2019

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