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Lazarus the Frozen Kitten

And you thought that zombie cat “Churchill” from PET SEMATARY was scary.

They found a dead kitten frozen in the snow—on HALLOWEEN—and it came back to life when they brought it inside. Yep. You want a vampire cat? Because that’s how you get a vampire cat. Don’t think there could be such a thing as a vampire cat? Bunnicula was a vampire RABBIT. Hel-LO!

Just kidding, of course. Lazarus the kitty looks totally adorable and harmless.

Then again, so did Bunnicula.

As an aside, I have a cat named “Spook.” (Who curiously looks an awful lot like Lazarus.) The wife and I named him that because he was born dead. (Actually we named him “Oswald” or something like that, but we started calling him “the Spook” almost from the get-go.) I was getting ready to feed his carcass to the coyotes (we live in the woods, y’know) when he suddenly came back to life. That was two years ago, and thus far I have seen no indications of vampiric or zombie-like behavior on his part. Mostly he lies around and does nothing. And sheds. But I remain vigilant, lest he is attempting to lull me into a false sense of security.

TheCheezman • December 21, 2018

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