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Yep, you read that right. Castles, plural.

I caught the premiere episode of the new Josh Gates series LEGENDARY LOCATIONS. Gates is the same guy who hosts DESTINATION TRUTH on SyFy and EXPEDITION UNKNOWN on the Travel Channel. Both shows offer varying degrees of scientific validity and open-mindedness coupled with entertainment value, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this new show. It might be more to the point to say that I knew EXACTLY what to expect, which meant that I expected it to also be really great sometimes and lackluster at other times. I’ve only seen the one episode so far, but I was impressed.

The debut episode of the new series featured the search for Dracula’s Castle. Not only did it get its facts straight, but it showcased BOTH Castle Bran, the “official” Castle Dracula proffered by the tourism department of Romania, and Poenari, the historical Castle Dracula. Gates explained that Castle Bran *might* have inspired Bram Stoker’s fictitious Castle Dracula. We know that Stoker consulted a book that had a picture of Bran in it during the time when he was writing DRACULA, and the description given in the novel matches Bran reasonably well. Gates then explained why Poenari holds the better claim to the tile Castle Dracula, even though Bram Stoker likely never set eyes on it, or possibly even knew it existed.

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TheCheezman • April 16, 2018

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