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Legends of Oblivion

I figure the guy’s just busy, and lord knows I understand how that goes. I reached out to makeup artist Wayne Anderson (who has worked on projects as impressive as STRANGER THINGS, IT, and THE PREDATOR, to name a few) after I chanced upon his work online about doing an interview. His answers to the few questions I sent were short and succinct. Not a lot of meat to the bones to serve as stock for an interview. Like I said, I’m sure he’s busy, and I don’t mind. I have enough to talk about just offering my opinions regarding his work, which is stunning. Check out that vampire. Isn’t that incredible?

Wayne Anderson has a haunted attraction going up in his native Ft. Myers, Florida in just a few days, called LEGENDS OF OBLIVION. While Anderson’s vampire is the most impressive piece to me, all his creations are gorgeous. Scroll through the image gallery at the site and feast your eyes on some of his work. I really wish Ft. Myers was within convenient traveling distance for me, as I would have to check out LEGENDS OF OBLIVION in person this Halloween season. This year’s theme is “The Curse of The Swamp Witches.” It all looks flat-out amazing.

TheCheezman • October 1, 2018

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