‘Let the Right One In’ On Broadway

‘Let the Right One In’ based on Swedish novel and film reunites director John Tiffany and choreographer Steven Hoggett.

This production of a great novel, a good film, and an okay American remake, sound completely asinine. The stage production is meant to look more like the Swedish film than the American film, and sure, there are fangs and some action: but the scene at the end I hear gets a little wonky because, well, it takes place in a pool and quite a bit of it is going on while Oskar is underwater, and unable to actually see what’s happening.

How one would interpret that for the stage is beyond me, and personally, if I was John A. Lindqvist, I’d be pretty pissed off. Not only is Eli constantly portrayed as a girl, the story also never quite examines the pedophilic relationship Eli has with her human caretaker. It’s not a good representation of the movie, either of the movies actually, the story, at all, and certainly not the novel.

By annimi

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  1. I’ve read the script (and btw this was done with Lindqvist’s blessing) and it seems like a good adaptation to me. Excuse me, but am I correct in reading that you haven’t even seen this play?

    1. I don’t need to watch a Broadway production of a movie to know it’s going to suck. There are some things that just can’t be done on a stage. Reading a script is a bit different from watching a production on stage.

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