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Lights Out In Alaska

The sun has gone down in Alaska. Barrow, aka Utqiagvik, in extreme northern Alaska, saw the big flaming orange ball set this past weekend. The 4000 folks living there won’t see the sun again until late January 2019. Forget thirty days of night—that’s over SIXTY days of night! Can you imagine? The technical term for this condition is “polar night.” Other Alaskan towns like Anaktuvuk Pass, Kaktovik, and Point Hope (Which one of these is not like the others?) will also experience polar night, but theirs won’t be as severe because they aren’t as far north as Utqiagvik. There is a tradeoff for the peoples living there, as during the summer months they will experience the “midnight sun” wherein the sun rises and then stays risen for a prolonged period of time. Bad time for vampires there in the summer.

Fans will remember that the most excellent 2007 flick 30 DAYS OF NIGHT was set in Barrow, and explored just what would happen if a vampire decided to vacation there for the winter.

I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, which means that cloudy, overcast days set off depression in me. That’s gray weather, though. I tend to not have that problem on such days once the sun sets. I wonder how spending 65 days in the dark would affect me? I’m thinking it would be way better than 65 days of rain and clouds.

TheCheezman • December 6, 2018

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