Little Girl Vampire Flick Almost Ready to Film

Geoff Orlowski is a young filmmaker in New York.  He has a cast, a script and has shot test footage for what he describes as “a story about acceptance, individuality, loyalty, misconception, betrayal and of course a blood thirsty vampire.”  His movie is in fact titled simply The Vampire, and now all he Oona3needs if $5,000 to complete it– mostly to rent equipment for a ten-day shoot.

Hence his setting up a kickstarter campaign. Late last year the filmmakers of Styria (the latest adaptation of Le Fanu’s Carmilla) used the same website to raise over $25,000 to finish post production. As it turned out, they raised more than enough! Now Orlowski is hoping to raise one fifth that amount to actually film his project.

A local news journalist begins investigating a bizarre case of animal cruelty, and in turn uncovers something not quite human. So reads the blurb on the kickstarter page. In essence, the lead character is a female reporter named Zelene who discovers the only vampire in the world–a girl named Oona (Rebecca C. Kasek). Unlike vampires in most films, Oona’s undead nature cannot really be hidden. Her fangs cannot Zelene2retract, for example.  Zelene (Alissa Scherb) attempts to help her retain whatever she can of the girl’s humanity. Shades of Edward Scissorhands meets Let Me In, almost. At least that is how it reads in some ways–and frankly, I cannot help but feel intrigued.

The kickstarter page includes a video that shows interviews with the cast as well as filmmakers.  It gives a clear idea just how ready actors, director, designers and the like are right now.  If they can raise just those five thousand dollars by the end of March 2013 then shooting can proceed on schedule without a hitch and by this time next year a new and interesting vampire film should be available! Not a grand franchise a la Twilight or Underworld, but more akin the intimate less commercial films like Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt.

Mind you, I’m prejudiced because those kinds of films often capture my heart! I even made a pledge myself, not only because I myself want to see this motion picture but because the hints of a mythology behind the story intrigue me so much. As Orlowski puts it “The film is called, ‘The Vampire,’ because it takes place in a world where vampires do not exist.  Oona is one of a kind.  As the story progresses there are hints that other ‘monsters’ exist and are in fact related to Oona in some way. You will meet some of these other ‘monsters’ in this film.”

You also might want to check out their facebook page as well!



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David MacDowell Blue blogs at Night Tinted Glasses.  He graduated from the National Shakespeare Conservatory and is the author of The Annotated Carmilla. and Your Vampire Story (And How to Write It) as well as a theatrical adaptation of Carmilla.

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