Looks Like It’s Back To Bill’s Place On ‘True Blood’

Next week True Blood will be filming on location in Los Angeles again.

Here are some shooting schedules including the latest for ‘True Blood’ which by the looks of it could be the outside of "Bill’s" mansion. We’ve all seen our sweet little fairy very happy with her new beau Alcide, but rumors have it Bill finally remembers his feelings for the girl he’s protected for so long. Who knows what else might be happening behind these gorgeous doors. Who do you think she will choose Alcide or Bill?

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  1. ok I was never the biggest sookie fan, I loved the other characters, the writing style,&now the show, but the girl is an airhead, or at least very indecisive. she has no clue what she wants, how to get it, or how to be in a relationship as that’s what the says she wants…im more interested in the secondary characters getting happy endings.

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