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Lorraine Warren and the Haunted Graveyard

Sounds like the title for a movie, doesn’t it? While certainly Ms. Warren visited her fair share of haunted graveyards, the title of this article has to do with the actual cemetery wherein she was laid to rest after her death on April 18th of this year, the Stepney Village Cemetery in Monroe, Connecticut. Lorraine Warren was buried next to her husband Ed, who passed away thirteen years earlier. The Stepney Village Cemetery is said to be haunted. Among the spirits who call the cemetery home are the mysterious “White Lady,” believed to be the ghost of a young woman who died in childbirth, and a Revolutionary War soldier named Nathaniel Knapp. Ed Warren’s grave had already been known as a sort of tourist spot for visitors. It is to be expected that the site will become increasingly so with Ms. Warren’s passing.

It is appropriate that the physical forms of Ed and Lorraine would be laid to rest in a location known for paranormal activity. The release this past weekend of the third ANNABELLE movie has me thinking frequently of the Warrens and the rich legacy of lore they have left us. Whether you believe the stories are literally true or are just good stories is almost irrelevant at this point.

TheCheezman • July 8, 2019

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