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LOST BOYS Lost In Translation

When they decided to hire the lady who directed TWILIGHT, I knew this one was shot. Recent reports only serve to underscore my initial prediction. The pilot episode of prospective THE LOST BOYS TV show has been sent back to the shop for retooling, i.e. they are filming parts of it or all of it over again. This bodes ill. Rarely does going back to the proverbial drawing board result in a better product where movies and television are concerned. There are exceptions. DEADPOOL 2, for example, got lousy reactions from test audiences, who were pissed off that the writers had killed off Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa. Reshoots fixed that storytelling snafu, and gave us that montage at the end of the film that was nothing short of brilliant and made for a far superior movie.

More often than not, though, reshoots mean trouble. Minor tweaking is normal. Happens all the time. I’m talking about major reshoots, which seems to be what is happening with THE LOST BOYS. There are rumors that some parts may even be recast. They should scrap the whole thing at this point, definitely find a new director, and start over. (Or better yet, just drop the idea of doing the show altogether.) A piecemeal approach, creating a show out of disparate parts with numerous “cooks” contributing to the recipe, is almost guaranteed to end in disaster. They’ve got a lot of work to do if they want to prevent this one from stinking up the airwaves.

TheCheezman • May 19, 2019

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