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These are cool. They’re concept posters that were created for THE LOST BOYS back in the day but were never used for marketing. I prefer the one with the nighttime sky and the stars brooding sleepily over the house and the palm trees. It hearkens back to Peter Pan to my mind, which is appropriate considering it was from Peter Pan that the movie got its title. The one with the window is okay, too, but the window part of it ought to be bigger. I don’t care as much for the one with the stop sign.

They could always dust any or all of these off and use them for the new THE LOST BOYS television show, except that they don’t fit the proper vibe. (Possibly the stop sign one would work.) They look quintessentially 80s to me. Also that THE LOST BOYS television series is currently dead in the water, having been sent back to the shop for retooling. Basically they’re shooting the whole thing over again. This casts serious doubts on the possibility of us ever getting to see it, which, if it ends up being terrible, is just as well. If you can’t do it right then don’t drag the good name of the movie through the mud with you.

TheCheezman • June 9, 2019

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