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Lots and Lots of Claes Bang’s DRACULA

We now have a full-length trailer. I haven’t watched it yet. I’m going to do that right now. You want to join me? Click on the link. Give it a look. Then we can discuss it. Ready? Okay, see you back here in a couple of minutes.

Ah, yeah. Nice. This one looks *damn* good. Might we be seeing the makings of a new classic? I hope so. I’m so excited for this version, as I am with any new version of DRACULA. But unlike with many of them, I think this one might actually have the chops to achieve greatness. My only complaint? What in the *hell* is up with the choice of music for the trailer? Doesn’t fit much? I watched the trailer again on silent and found it worked better. Or better yet, I think I’ll watch it with, say, the theme from BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA playing. Yes. *Much* more satisfying, although I had to pump the volume back up to get Claes Bang’s one-liner.

There are reams of new photographs from the upcoming production as well, courtesy of our friends at bloody disgusting. Bang is not Bela, but he does appear to have a certain Christopher Lee-ness about him. And he looks damn good in a cape, doesn’t he? Oh, please let this one be good!

TheCheezman • January 8, 2020

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