Lots of News and Peeks into Vampire Diaries

Lots of stuff going on with the Vampire Diaries, –which will hopefully have another season following it this fall. Eee! There is a ton of news for the show, and rather than be all judgmental and pick what I thought were the good bits, I decided to y’all have a go instead.

American Idol Reject Joins VD as ‘Greta Martin’ – Greta’s the new witch in town, –Klaus’s right-hand gal, so to speak, –why do all the good vampires get pet witches? It seems really demeaning, and a tad racist, actually, since all the witches are black for some reason. Anyway, Greta’s going to be pissed when she finds out that the vampires in Mystic Falls killed her entire family… which was pretty small anyway, but oh well. They started it.

Nina Dobrev and Kellan Lutz in New Movie – I don’t think it’s a vampire movie, but pairing these two ‘vampire actors’ should be pretty interesting. And I’m -thrilled- to see Dobrev in a new movie role, since she’s had little work other than VD, and that SyFy werewolf b-movie that she was in, forever ago. She plays Lutz’s wife in the new film, –Lutz, also a vampire actor, is Emmett Cullen in the Twilight series. Cuuuuute.

Julie Plec Talks a Flashback Episode of VD – Thanks for the warning; I cannot -stand- flashback episodes, so hopefully, it won’t be too long. Then again, Trevor, Rose’s best friend, will be in the flashbacks, so that’s definitely a silver lining. Poor Trevor. I miss his head. The guy is just too damn hot for words; so while I will be forced to endure, ugh, backstory, –I’ll be pleasantly focused on getting a few glimpses of the Trevor character’s gorgeousness.

Bonnie and Jeremy/Elena and Isobel – In the next episode, apparently, Isobel will be working on splitting up Elena and Stefan. You’d think that might be difficult, considering Isobel is a manipulative twat. Thought that was universally acknowledged, but Elena was always a little slow on the uptake. In the meantime, Bonnie and Jeremy are closer than ever, but they’ll be needing Damon’s help to score some magic stuff. Caroline will be dealing with Matt, and Aunt Jenna, well… she’ll probably start smoking weed again, what with the dead Isobel coming back to life, her trust issues with Alaric, and now finding out Isobel is Elena’s mom. Weeeeird.

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  4. dude it is a little racist that all witches are black but whatever. Trevor is gorgeous and poor Rose is dead so i wonder what the twist is going to be cause they are kinda running out of material you know? i am one of the Damon and Elena fans so i think they should FINALLY hook up. love vampire diaries!!!

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