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Luke Evans Noticed!

Some guy went and got a tattoo of Luke Evans as Dracula from the underrated (yet admittedly lousily-edited DRACULA UNTOLD). It’s an impressive piece, sure enough, impressive enough that Luke Evans himself took notice, wondering on Instagram if the tattoo were even real due to the proficiency with which it was rendered. Said Evans: “Is this for real!? It’s insane!! They even got my vein in my forehead perfectly!! I’d love to know.” I’m betting it’s a real tattoo, and yes, it is “insane”. (And to whomever has that tattoo, nice ink!)

I love Luke Evans. He’s a terrific actor, and a perusal of some of the roles he’s played, from Dracula to a delightfully cheeky Gaston in the live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and Bard the Bowman in the THE HOBBIT movies to John Moore in THE ALIENIST, shows his versatility. I wish we’d gotten to see him do more as Dracula. Even if they choose to scrap the storyline started with DRACULA UNTOLD they could still bring him back in the role. After all, J.K. Simmons is J. Jonah Jameson again in the new Spider-Man movie. Why not? It’s a safe bet that if the new approach to the “Dark Universe” to be overseen by Blumhouse makes any money with their first installment, THE INVISIBLE MAN—and if they do it right, and keep the budget down, it will—they’ll get around to doing a Dracula movie eventually. Who better to play the role than Evans?

TheCheezman • July 19, 2019

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