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Lupita Gets Ripped-Off

Oscar nominations are out, and I’m overall rather pleased. Brad Pitt got a nomination
for Best Supporting Actor for ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD, and the film also is up for Best Picture. Quentin Tarantino is nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay. JOKER got a nomination, too, and Todd Phillips is nominated for Best Director for that one. Joaquin Phoenix got his deserved nomination for Best Actor. (Honestly, out of every category and every nomination, this is the one I care most about.)

As usual, though, the Oscar nominations are inconsistent. Where is KNIVES OUT as a contender for Best Picture? Where is Daniel Craig as a potential Best Actor? Ana de Armas as Best Actress? Rian Johnson as Best Director?

Lots of deserving movies got overlooked this year, as they always do, but the biggest oversight is probably Lupita Nyong’o. US is a better movie than GET OUT. Why, then, did the latter get so much Oscars attention while the former got snubbed? As is to be expected, the PC police are screaming about racism. I’m not going to touch that, especially since Lupita has won before. But can anyone argue that US wasn’t the superior effort from Jordan Peele, or at least as good as GET OUT, and that Lupita’s performance wasn’t as good as any of the actresses up for any of the Oscars?

TheCheezman • January 20, 2020

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