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Making His Way to The Ring—The Believer!

Frequent visitors to this site will recall that I follow my nephew, professional wrestler Adam “Tenderloin” Priest, around as he works the indie circuit. This past weekend I drove out to a show in the boondocks of ‘Bama—and for me, who was born and raised in the country, to tell you a place was backwoods, it means something. The Tenderloin typically works shows at some higher class venues, civic centers, nicer bingo halls, and even recently in an historic movie theater. But this place—well, when you pull in (after you finally find the place, which ain’t easy) you are met by a guy with a flashlight who tells you to “Go around the trailer, there” and “follow the dirt road” to the parking lot in the woods out back. I kid you not. And the “arena” itself looks like a large stable. (It probably was at some point.)

So there I am, sitting in the audience, watching the show, when I hear the song “I Still Believe,” one of the theme songs from THE LOST BOYS, start blaring from the speakers. This immediately gets my attention. Then this guy carrying a saxophone wrapped up in blinking Christmas tree lights comes out onto the stage and pretends to be playing. He comes down to the ring but doesn’t wrestle that night. He does, however, lead the audience in a singalong to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Yes, this guy has patterned his wrestling character on The Believer (aka “Sax man”) from THE LOST BOYS!

Sorry, Tenderloin, but I have a new favorite wrestler now.

TheCheezman • January 30, 2020

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