Malese Jow is on Team Anna … And Team Damon!

For those of you who don’t follow The Vampire Diaries too closely, –first of all, shame on you, –Malese Jow is the actress portraying Anna, daughter of Pearl. Anna is a young, teen vampire, over a century old, perhaps older even than Damon and Stefan, who worked her butt off to be able to get her mother, Pearl, out of the tomb beneath an old church, where over two dozen other vampires lay, dessicated and mummified for over a century, just waiting for some act of witchcraft to set them free. It’s the same tomb where, up until recently, Damon believed Katherine Pierce was being held.

Malese Jow tells Hollywood Crush on, all about her endeavors to give fans and members of ‘Team Anna’, something more to chew on:

“With so many team allegiances out there — Stefan vs. Damon, Edward vs. Jacob — it’s hard to choose sides. But for “The Vampire Diaries” actress Malese Jow, it’s a little easier — she’s on Team Anna.

To prove it, Malese has solicited photos and short video clips from fans of Anna, her character on “VD,” that she’s planning to compile into one big Team Anna video next week. The deadline’s today — so get cracking, Anna fans, there’s still time to submit. As an added incentive, the resulting video will debut Malese’s new song. (Yes, she sings too. She’s just that talented. We’d hate her if she weren’t so awesome.)

Malese said she already has more than 200 submissions to include in the video, which she plans to edit herself over the next week, and that’s not even counting the “VD” crew entry. “I’ve been filming everyone doing their little Team Anna thing,” she told Hollywood Crush last week. “I guess everyone’s digging the female vampires. It’s going to be awesome.”

Though Malese came into the show expecting to be on for one or two episodes, she’s now stuck around for ten. “With every script that would come in I’d be like ‘OK, is she around?’ and low and behold, she’d have a storyline with either Jeremy or she’d have a scene with Ian.” But when asked about whether she’d be sticking around for season 2, she was predictably tight-lipped. “I can’t say. Guess you’ll just have to wait and see!”

Malese is a proud member of Team Anna, but her other “Vampire Diaries” Team allegiance might surprise you. Especially since it seems like mostly everyone would prefer a combination of both Salvatore brothers, and won’t commit to just one. Malese wouldn’t either, at first: “Oh geez, can I have both? I would probably, oooh…” But her final answer was much more decisive. “I think there’s more to Damon Salvatore than his wit and charm. I think he hides behind that. So I’m gonna have go with him, and get to know the real Damon and find out that he’s this sweet, charming guy who’s not as bad as we think he is. I’ll go with Team Damon. But I think that’s partially because I love Ian too. Team Damon and Ian.”

And of course, since Malese told us she’s a “Twilight” fan, we couldn’t let her go without asking the big question: Edward or Jacob? “I’m actually Team Jacob. I don’t know, Edward is overrated, I think Jacob has that boyish thing going for him and his feelings are genuine. I feel like Edward is a little too statuesque for me. I like them to be a little more human.””

Wow, so she’s even a Twilight fan?! Major points for Malese, –most people out there are kind of bitter about the whole Twilight thing. Like Miley Cyrus, for example, –who probably alienated like, I dunno, around a million or two tweeny-bopper fans when she publicly stated how much she hates Twilight. I was willing to even listen to a few Miley songs, but after that, no way. Sorry, but anyone who hates vampires SUCKS. My whole fan loyalty thing shifts easily; like, you know, when Christian Bale went off on that lighting guy; I was a huge fan of his, but I’m a way bigger fan of workers’ rights. Like, the right not to be screamed at and threatened by a massive douche. Don’t forget to watch the Vampire Diaries tonight, people!

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