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Mark Hamill is Skeletor

Well, damn. I wasn’t planning to watch it. Now I’ll have to.

The new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE series is going to be on Netflix. That puts one impediment to me watching it on the tracks right from the outset, as I can’t do the livestreaming thing. Then it’s a Kevin Smith joint, as Spike Lee would say, and I’m not a Smith fan. (I may be in the minority on this one as far as geek society goes, but the dude has just never impressed me.) Thirdly, it’s going to be an anime series, and I’m not much of a mark for anime, either. Lastly, this new series, I knew, wouldn’t be *my* Masters of the Universe. For me that will always be the Filmation series from the 80s.

Then I found out that Mark Hamill is going to be doing the voice of Skeletor. Drat.

Hamill isn’t the only impressive name in the credits, either. Lena Headey is going to be playing Evil-Lyn, Sarah Michelle Geller is going to be Teela, and Tony-freakin’-Todd is going to be voicing a character named Scare Glow. (I don’t remember him. Is he new?)

And then Smith had to go and say that the new series is “a sequel series to the classic era that everybody knows, almost as if this was the next episode in the Filmation series.” Drat, drat.

Gonna have to watch it now.

TheCheezman • March 13, 2020

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