Maybe an American Vampire Movie: Ryan Gosling as a Gunslinging Cowboy?

That’s not to say that just because a couple of guys are writing a comic book they’ll immediately going to make a movie out of what is, as of this moment, a still unreleased, unfinished piece of awesomeness. Then again, when these couple of guys are Scott Snyder and Stephen King, there’s a good possibility that they’re answering some of those phone calls from producers all over the country. Scott Snyder remarks that if he were to make the series into a film, he’d like Ryan Gosling (can I interject a schoolgirl shriek here? Omg omg omg! EEEEE!) to play the part of Skinner, his core vampire gunslingers from the Old West era.

The LA Times has more details (and a three page preview of the comic, so click the link!):

“When it was announced in October that Scott Snyder’s new monthly comic book series, “American Vampire” from Vertigo, would feature the contribution of suspense novelist Stephen King, it wasn’t long before the phone started ringing.

“We got all these crazy phone calls from movie producers wanting to know when they could see it, who they should cast in it. … It was nuts,” Snyder said. “It only existed as a script then, and DC and Vertigo weren’t showing it. It hasn’t physically existed until now. … Hopefully, people will still be interested.”

The comic book’s first story arc, which hit shelves last week, centers on two primary characters in two different eras — aspiring actress Pearl in the 1920s and violent cowboy-turned-vampire Skinner Sweet in the 1880s.

So who does Snyder, best known for his short stories, think would best be suited to play the merciless Skinner should the comic be made into a movie?

“I was watching “Half Nelson” the other day, and I thought Ryan Gosling would make a great vampire.”

But don’t worry, Rob Pattinson, your heartthrob status is safe. These vampires aren’t the kind you bring home to dad. They’re more brawny and vicious.

Snyder imagined the series years ago to combat the last “vampire glut” — a time when “Underworld” and “Blade” were all the rage.”

Check out the preview of the comic on the LA Times, but don’t get too excited, they haven’t managed to snag any of the good parts, –and the artwork is slightly pedestrian in comparison to the storytelling brought to the table by King and Snyder. A good story can carry the cartoonish art for a while, but Vertigo Comics seriously needs to talk to new artists.

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