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Me Against the Machine

Remember several months back when I was waging a war of pixels against John Logan, the series creator of PENNY DREADFUL, for his untimely cancellation of the show (and his then lying about it to the fans)? Sure you do. That dead horse is sufficiently flogged, I think, but I’m taking a few more whacks at it this week. Most of the meat has rotted off the bones by now, or been picked off them by vultures and varmints; I’m just lashing the exposed ribs at this point, but I can’t resist. I only found out a couple of weeks ago, you must understand, and this quite by accident, just how much attention my assaults against Logan had gotten. As I seldom google my own stuff, I honestly didn’t know that the weeks-long tirade had garnered any notice at all outside of this site, here. (And the person who answers Showtime’s emails for them, who got pissy with me after a while, but he/she hardly counts.)

Check out a trio of articles (at the links provided) mentioning me and my mini-crusade. Granted they sometimes refer to me merely as “a fan,” and while this is technically accurate, as I AM a fan of the series, I also like to consider myself as more than JUST a fan. I mean, I’ve done, like, professional interviews and stuff. I’ve met people. Anyway, it’s flattering, but the main thing I hope is that, with all the coverage I received, John Logan himself has read about the scolding I gave him, or read the scolding himself. Not that it will do any good and not that he’d ever respond, but he deserved to be told off for the stunt he pulled. I chewed his ass for you, my fellow Dreadfuls. I chewed it good!

TheCheezman • January 3, 2017

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