Meet the 5 New Characters Coming to True Blood Season 6

True Blood will return for its sixth season this summer, and while summer is quite far away, filming has already started for True Blood. Which means we’re getting all kinds of goodies on what’s to come – like new cast members! So far True Blood has added five new characters for Season 6 and I have the details on them below, check it out.

Rob Kazinsky as Ben

TB Rob Kazinsky






Ben is a handsome, charismatic faerie who travels to Bon Temps to help Sookie and Jason Stackhouse unravel the mystery of their parents murder. Despite his charm, Ben is an extremely dangerous individual, with a dark, violent flavor to his personality.

Arliss Howard as Truman Burrell

TB Arliss Howard





Truman is Louisiana’s Governor, a man with a serious hatred for vampires. This hatred is brought on by his wife, who left him for one of the undead and forced him to become a single parent to his daughter Willa. Truman has a tendency to let personal ambition cloud his judgment and override his humanity.

Amelia Rose Blaire as Willa Burrell

Tb Amelia Rose Blaire





Willa is the Governor’s daughter and a vampire sympathizer. Her views on vampires will trigger some family trouble.

Jurnee Smollett as Nicole Jannsen

tb Jurnee Smollett





Nicole is in her early 20’s and is described as a “do-gooder to the core.” She is naive, optimistic, and charming, but her idealism is “ultimately vaguely idiotic and dangerous.” Nicole is a key member of a band of well-meaning liberal advocates. The group models itself after the civil rights activists Freedom Riders. In the casting call, Nicole is said to be “A true bleeding heart,” Nicole is “not at all concerned with money; she’s concerned with the common good and doing what’s right … Life hasn’t beaten her down yet.”

Rutger Hauer as Macklyn

tb Rutger Hauer






Macklyn is a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason. (SPOILER!) According to rumors, Macklyn’s last name is… Warlow. Yup, THAT Warlow.

What do you think about the latest additions? Let us know in a comment below!

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

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  1. Okay I’ll say it. Warlowe is played by the guy who played Barlowe? That is in and of itself kinda lame. But I’ll hope for the best.

  2. He kind of looks like the warlow guy in the flashback sookie had or whatever. A question Nicole is a liberal but by the discription she seems more conserned for humans soo she doesnt like the Vampires or does she? Liberals are usually open minded and not mainstream?

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