Meet the Woman Behind the ‘Twilight’ Hands

Whether you’re a Twilight fan or a Twilight hater we all recognize the image of hands holding a bright red apple on the cover of the first Twilight novel (how can we not, it‘s everywhere). But have any of you Twi-hards ever wondered whose hands those are? Well, they belong to Kimbra Hickey, a part-time massage therapist and part-time “parts” model.

Even though no one really knows who Kimbra is, she still tours with the Twilight convention, meeting fans and such. But here’s your chance to get to know her, because Moviefone recently did an interview with Kimbra…

Have you met Stephenie Meyer?
I met her once last year because I showed up at that ‘Oprah Show’ that she was on in November. I sat in the audience, then afterward she was signing books for everyone. She gave everyone that four-book collection, and we got to have her sign one. So I took my ‘Twilight’ book out, and I was like, “Hi!” My friend introduced me to her and said, “This is your hand model!” And we shook hands and she signed my book, and it was pretty cool.

How has ‘Twilight’ changed your life in these six years since the book came out?
I have a lot of people that want to get to know me and how I got in the business, what my career is all about, where it’s going. No one was really interested before in what I was doing in my modeling world! And no one ever asked for an autograph before — I’d never had to give an autograph before, so that has changed.

It feels really good. It’s a nice thing to know that people have embraced the fact that I’m just the hands on the cover and that I’m moving on with it, working with it, having a good time with it, getting to know the fans. It’s not something I would have thought would happen from this photo shoot!

How did you get involved in the ‘Twilight’ conventions?

I had never been to any convention of any sort, and there happened to be one in Chicago in February 2009 when I was visiting a friend. She said, “Let’s go to that ‘Twilight’ Convention, we’ll just show up and tell people those are your hands on the cover and see what happens.” And that’s what we did, and it worked! Everyone wanted to talk to me, wanted my autograph.

Eventually the manager for the actors that weekend came up to me and she said, “I think what you’re doing here is fantastic and I’d love for you to come on tour.” It was so cool!

Read the full interview HERE.

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