‘Memoirs of the Mongrel King’ Promises Anything But Romance

“This isn’t your teenage daughter’s vampire book – quite frankly she shouldn’t be anywhere near it.”

I’ve read some really disturbing vampire novels; one was basically an incredibly pedophilic re-write of ‘Salem’s Lot, which I praised, because parts of it were perfectly disturbing, and I desperately wish I had my review copies, because that guy’s next effort is going to be amazing.

But onto a new author! This Canadian dude, Dwight Dugas, he knows what we want, well, by “we” I mean most of us freaks who want more from our vampires than great hair, ambiguous sexuality, and affinity for misunderstood teenage girls. And this book took three years to write, so it wasn’t just a quick write for Kindle publishing. I’m ready, are you?

By annimi

Ashley writes for Vampires.com, Werewolves.com, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.

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